Another week down! Lots to cover in our round-up — it was a busy week for Crown Princess Victoria — and, in case you missed it earlier this week, we had TWO surprise engagements from Kate:

She popped out to dance with a giant bear;

And she also wanted to model her new blazer for Harry.

Also! Today is the fifth wedding anniversary of Stephanie and Guillaume of Luxembourg, so there’s no better time to revisit her wedding gown. (There is one broken image in that post, which I’m fixing, but you’ll get MORE than the gist.)

And, inspired by Meghan Markle’s recent trench coat look, we founded up some of the cutest trenches for fall.


Katie Nichol reports for Vanity Fair that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Date May Already be Set. I’m SURE it is.

Rumors are also increasing that Harry wants to have the wedding at Windsor in St George’s Chapel (which has been Heather’s theory from the jump); don’t worry, I’m fairly certain it will still be televised (Edward and Sophie were married at St George’s, and their wedding was on TV.) It IS a beautiful church, and there’s something poetic about the current Infamous Ginger Prince having Henry VIII in attendance at his first AND IDEALLY ONLY wedding (VIII is buried there, I don’t expect his ghost to pop up and object or anything.) [W Magazine]

This week marks the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s (and Philip’s) one and only trip to an American football game, and this piece about her visit is fascinating and GREAT. To wit: “The SGA suggested that she sit on the North Carolina side so she could watch the Card section at half-time, and because alcohol consumption at Maryland Football games was considered ‘a major sport in the 1950s.'” (University of Maryland Archives)

Dailybreak brought us a rather difficult Royal Babies Quiz.

Elle salutes Royals Playing With Dogs.

And on social:

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