Gabrielle is promoting her book, which has as Fug Nation a title as anything: We’re Going to Need More Wine. If it weren’t already now taken, I would have suggested that for my tombstone. And she’s been gallivanting around in an assortment of things that is almost as numerous as Blake Lively’s, but Madame Lively seemed to get all the attention. UNFAIR. Let us rectify that.

And also turn to Instagram:

Proenza • @gabunion #weregoingtoneedmorewine

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That skirt is amazing. The top is a bummer, and the shoes are probably going to lead to a broken ankle if she ever wears them again. Why did we ever think giant hard chunky platforms were comfortable the first time? Or DID we?

public school • @gabunion #weregoingtoneedmorewine

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Gabs is, apparently, really INTO platforms right now. I wish she had NOT decided to get into those pants, because almost anything else would be better. Those are “Damn, I didn’t call the paps today, why are they here; shit, smile, just pretend it’s fine, and then get inside and scream” pants.

say it with flowers • @rosie_assoulin @gabunion #weregoingtoneedmorewine

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Breezy and cute.

in @stellamccartney #weregoingtoneedmorewine

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And I actually think this is great on her, too. It’s the fun side of Stella.

BOSS • @gabunion #weregoingtoneedmorewine

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So much of that is great, but… perhaps too much all together?

If this is laid back, then it must be SOMETHING to see her riled.

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