With apologies to Cynthia, there was actually a really nice photo of her grinning, but it didn’t show off the dress as well; there’s something really proud and Warrior Woman in her posture here that I was drawn to this morning, so this is what I chose. And as much as I tend to veer away from fishtail hems, I think this Posen is primo on her. The seam might be a LITTLE wonky down there, but the rest fits so well, and she as usual looks completely arresting. She would stop traffic, and not just because she’s the color of the red light.

Misty Copeland at the American Ballet Theatre Gala

Misty’s dress, I WANTED to love. If it had all been blue, or even purple, then okay. I could even have dealt with the blue and purple mix, MAYBE, but we’ll never know because suddenly there’s a muddy brown color down there that looks like she tromped to this event in the mud. And there’s a giant bow on her arm like she just won first prize at the fair for Best Turned Out (or, given that she’s a dancer, Best Turnout). In the end I think the dress is working against itself, and no matter what she does, she can’t quite transcend it — which is saying something, because Misty is stunning and strong and all-around rad. I know I’ve told this before, but: I once saw her dance the Nutcracker and almost get dropped, and after the show she and a dancer friend went to our restaurant and had wine and fries and appeared to gossip very congenially about how the whole thing went. It made me think she’d be fun for cocktails, which is ALMOST as high a compliment as a Drinks With Broads invitation (give her like 15-20 years for that one; you have to have LIVED to be a Broad, I think).

Anyway: Thumbs up to Cynthia, thumbs reluctantly down on Copeland’s dress but decidedly up on her post-dance rituals.

[Photos: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock, Angela Pham/BFA/REX/Shutterstock]