Just like the piece I wrote about leather jackets, this piece was ALSO inspired by one of Meghan Markle’s coats — more in the sense that as soon as I saw her trench coat, I thought, “oh my god I LOVE trench coats. LET’S TALK ABOUT TRENCH COATS.” (You can’t buy her coat at the moment, but Badgley Mischa makes a good duplicate that’s vaguely affordable.)

Yes, I live in Los Angeles and I own…three trenches. This is absurd, I realize. I recently moved and thought, the entire time, “why do I have all these clothes?” and I gave away several bags and yet…three trench coats, still. I don’t know what to tell you. One is a really VERY cute houndstooth one — it’s J.Crew and they don’t make it anymore, which is a shame. It looks a lot like this Calvin Klein trench, but…you know. It was not $2000. One is a classic trench that I got from Banana like fifteen years ago (it’s like their new one, basically). The final one is a red pleather one that I got from Philip Lim on SUPER SALE ages ago and it’s fabulous even though it kinda makes me sweat (it’s a lot like this, actually, although this one is maybe…even better?).  My DREAM PURCHASE, the thing I told myself I could buy if I ever hit one specific professional milestone (that I have not hit), is a classic Burberry trench (in navy). Sigh. One day. Maybe.

But I think one of the reasons that I have so many trenches is that (a) they’re classic and never go out of style, so you really never chuck them, and (b) they’re so wearable and flattering, and they can span weight loss or gain, so you can hang onto them through different life stages. I mean, I have a lot of CRAZY COATS in my closet, but these are the ones I really, really wear.

With no further ado, BEHOLD MANY TRENCHES:

As ever, if the widget doesn’t show up, just refresh your browser. Now TRENCH IT UP.

As a general housekeeping note: This is not a sponsored post. Our trench coat allegiances are ours alone. Like most websites, GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you click through. I can assure you that all these trenches were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking Pellegrino from a giant plastic bottle and watching YET MORE Real Housewives.