Every week that this comes together, it feels like a tiny miracle.

ICYMI here, earlier this week:

Princess Diana went to Cannes. (In the 80s, obviously.)

So did Grace Kelly!

We looked back at Harry’s visit to America, 7 years ago

And our Royal Wedding Rewind toasted Philippe and Mathilde.

Elsewhere of interest:

At Vanity Fair: More deets about Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg’s baby

Home Advisor has a logistically neat piece about the layout of Buckingham Palace.

This is fascinating/stressful at the Washington Post: A king, a ventilator, an 8,000-mile journey: One American’s coronavirus rescue from Bhutan. (It has a happy ending.)

At Town and Country, this is nice! Harry and Meghan Surprise Crisis Text Line Staffers By Joining Their Team Meeting

Allow me to quote The Cut: Put ‘Tampongate’ in The Crown, You Cowards

This is delightful, at the Evening Standard: The night Freddie Mercury smuggled Princess Diana into a gay bar in disguise

In social media developments:

This (which happened after we published on Friday) is lovely:

It also cracks me up that the Queen just decided to make this a phone call. I assume she didn’t want to do her hair. Meanwhile, everyone else is on Zoom like the rest of us:

Kate Middleton is doing MUCH zooming!

As is William,I presume:

I enjoy that Charles is supportive of cheese:

And also of postal workers:

Good for Mike and Zara:

Good for Euj:

This is quite a tale. (I used Google translate, which I hope is okay.) The caption says: “Today is 75 years since Crown Prince Olav returned home after World War II. After five years he was finally able to set foot on Norwegian soil again. Crown Prince Olav drove in an open car through the streets, surrounded by a large sea of ​​people, on his way up to the Castle. Renowned opponent Max Manus was a bodyguard. He later told me how nervous the drive had been. He feared that German snipers were hiding in the crowd.”

Fred has good art!

And this mural situation is amazing: