In mid-May of 2013, the Brits sent Harry over to the US to look charming, and also to talk to people about a variety of things he’s interested in (as you’ll see in the above slideshow, he met with John McCain to talk about veterans’ issues, and also opened the Warrior Games, which were what inspired him to start the Invictus Games, so it was in all sincerity actually a very meaningful trip for him). We naturally covered this visit, and I am re-publishing the slideshow that I wrote back then so that you too can enjoy Moments From the Before Times. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I HAVE NOT EDITED THIS AT ALL SINCE 2013, WHICH WILL BE BECOME OBVIOUS AT VARIOUS JUNCTURES.

We covered this tour — as is our wont — in multiple posts, and this was the other slideshow:

(I’m having a bit of a technical issue in getting that to show properly here in this post, but while I’m working on that, just click on where it says “9 PHOTOS” and it’ll open for you in a new tab, pics and all.)

If I may so bold, these two collections have everything: Cute kids, paintings of former presidents, Olympic swimmers, Michelle Obama, a perhaps psychic hockey jersey, cheerleaders, a former governor, and a local news reporter who maybe went a little overboard.