Let’s go back in time to December, 1999, when then prince Philippe of Belgium married Mathilde D’udekem D’acoz — a truly amazing name — in a very Christmas-y wedding. Spoiler: Somehow both of these people look more or less the same age now that they were then.  Wikipedia tells me that “The wedding has been described as the social event of the decade within Belgium and it was the last royal wedding of the second millennium.” DRAMATIC!

Other Fun Facts:

1. Mathilde is the first Queen of the Belgians (that’s how it’s styled) to actually be born in Belgium. Her parents were fancy! Her grandmother’s name is VERY long: Suzanne Marie Désirée Ghislaine Josephe van Outryve d’Ydewalle.  I love a good long name

2. Mathilde’s dress was by Natan, a Belgian label she still wears ALL THE TIME. (Maxima is also a fan of Natan.)

3. The civil ceremony was at Brussel Town Hall (gothic, old, gorgeous), and the Catholic one at the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula (also gothic, old, gorgeous). Its baroque pulpit is BAROQUE.

4. Her wedding tiara was borrowed from her mother-in-law. Paola still wears it all the time; she was an ABSOLUTE BABE back in the day, as you will see when we eventually get to her wedding.

This wedding, as far as I can tell, truly lacked any SCANDALE — although I guess it was super cold that day. If you can remember any juicy and unsubstantiated gossip, we of course welcome your input. JOIN US!

[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock]