Because so many of us are spending more time at home lately, I thought it might be useful and helpful to share what we’ve been binge-watching/reading/listening to lately that’s been sufficiently diverting, or that has brought you joy. I thought this also might be a good place to ask if anyone has recommendations for your NEXT binge-watch/read/listen.

On my end, so far, I have had issues with concentrating on books (although I read the new Jasmine Guillory book, Party of Two, which comes out in June, over the weekend and it is SO GOOD. (That’s an affiliate link to Bookshop, btw.) I hope it’s gotten me back in the swing of things), but I’ve watched a lot of TV. So far, I’ve watched and would recommend:

Barry. Bill Hader is weirdly sexy as a reluctant hitman/actor, and it’s very funny but also violent, which I needed. Bonus points for me because so much of it is filmed on location in Los Angeles and it makes me feel like I get to go outside.)

Evil. I literally broke all my own rules and signed up for CBS All Access to watch this without ads. It is weird and scary and smart and very timely and everyone in it is GREAT. Bonus points for Hot Mike Colter as a conflicted/hot priest-in-training.

Bosch. I watched this on my Dad’s recommendation — this seems like a very Dad-friendly show — and I’m about halfway through it. It’s based on the Michael Connelly series of detective novels, all of which I’ve read, and it’s really well-done. It’s ALSO all filmed on location in LA and scratches that itch.

(This is, of course, in addition to my usual diet of Real Housewives, which brings me great joy, and this season of Survivor, which is excellent.) And I watched these when they came out, but if you haven’t seen them yet, I think they’d be great binge-watch material right now. I mean, we are heading toward a point where we are going to run out of new scripted TV so might as well head back into the recent vaults:

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: If you have not watched this, or all of it, it is truly a delight. I think of things Tituss Burgess did on this show like once a day. There is a runner in the third (I think) season about a job he took on a cruise that is so weird and perfect. Anyway, it’s short and you’ll probably laugh.

GLOW: GLOW IS SO GOOD PLEASE WATCH IT.  It is funny and poignant and feminist and has great costumes and also people flinging their bodies around with abandon.

Russian Doll: I watched this all in literally one day and I think it is truly the perfect season of TV.

The Americans: I watched this in real time but if you haven’t watched it at all, or dropped it at some point: Now is the time! It is so great — emotionally complex, DEEPLY suspenseful, Keri Russell spends a lot of time looking extremely disdainful of people while smoking. Give yourself this treat.

Bring us your recommendations, too!