This movie came out in 2004 and even I thought it was very silly — my friend Carrie dubbed it Help, It’s The Weather! –but I happened to re-watch it a few weeks ago and whoops Help, It’s The Weather is REAL prescient (in amongst, of course, the less realistic bits where Jake Gyllenhaal is menaced by Russian wolves on a submarine that came down Fifth Avenue). There are all these scenes where scientists are like, “um so there are some really concerning weather patterns happening and we need to pay attention or it’ll be bad?” and the government is like “UM WHATEVER BYE WIND ISN’T REAL” and then, the next thing, you know baby-faced Jake Gyllenhaal and also baby-faced Emmy Rossum have to live in the New York Public Library because of the weather.  So, naturally, I then fell into a wormhole and discovered that the movie is actually based on a book called The Coming Global Superstorm, and let’s be real: I assume that is also on the docket for this year, even though said book was written by a man whose Wikipedia page is INSANE and another man who claims he was abducted by aliens, which at this point I also would believe and whose Wiki is likewise QUITE a ride. Don’t ever say I don’t provide you with ample Wiki Wormholes, friends. All that, plus Susan Sarandon’s bra, a lot of shiny fabric, and some very intertwined acting trivia.

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