SO many enthusiastic waving kids today!

And we had a lot on our plates this week. Wills and Kate had a three-day tour of Ireland, and Harry and Meghan went to the Endeavour Awards last night. Meghan has two events over the weekend as well, which I plan to cover here as well, of course, so do come back.

Elsewhere of interest:

This is AMAZING, at Town & Country: TIARA MARCH MADNESS.

Also at T&C: Harry and the Queen had lunch this week, as I would imagine one would if one was visiting one’s grandmother.

This is fun at From Berkshire to Buckingham, rounding up all the times Kate wore that Reiss coat, in history. (That pic of her and Pippa in the cab is very amusing to me, ALSO those paparazzi feel like they’re IN THE CAR.)

At the Court Jeweler: SCOTTISH NOBLE JEWELS FOR SALE. (All caps feels right.) Some of these are gorgeous.

Ahh, this is so sweet! Someone got engaged at the Endeavour Awards last night! There is a picture of Meghan’s reaction to this that is SO CUTE. [Glamour]

In a massive tonal shift, this is absolutely horrifying (if not wholly surprising given the bits and pieces that have leaked about Princess Haya over the last year): Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed abducted daughters and threatened wife [BBC]

And, on social media:

Meghan popped over to visit the National Theatre yesterday. This is really interesting!

OMG I almost forgot to post this!

This is how I, too, dress to take the Tube:

This is sweet:

I don’t know what is happening here, but y’all like his face:

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