First: Meghan’s head looks fantastic, and so does the rest of her. Coming back for this event (and others later this week), after all the drama swirling around their decision to leave, has to be internally stressful for both of them — sort of like knowing you’re going to see an ex at a wedding. And in both cases, I think you’d naturally want to show up looking fabulous. (Meghan also got snapped leaving the Goring earlier today, and looked super there, too. Her head looks SO GOOD in that photo.) This evening’s look is courtesy of Victoria Beckham — it’s this dress, which is sold out in this color, but still exists in a navy check that I am slightly obsessed with — who has traditionally been a successful sartorial choice for Meghan, and whose aesthetic is a good match. I love the color. Harry, on the other hand, is obviously wearing his usual uniform of yoga pants and fur bustier.

Finally, just as a sidebar: Discussion of Harry and Meghan has, in the past, gotten somewhat heated. Please keep today’s conversation congenial, substantive, and respectful of everyone. Thank you!

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