I mean. What can I say? This cover is fantastic. I want to blow it up huge and hang it over my sofa. Would that be weird? I don’t think it would be weird. And let me assure that the profile, by Erik Maza, is great and you MUST click through to see the rest of the editorial, you will love it. Look at this shot, for example:


It’s not even the only one that features a turban. It is wonderful. When you are a star, you’re a star. (Speaking of stars, the headpiece is her own, and it was one of her costumes when she did Sunset Boulevard.)

The lede of the piece notes that Rita conducted the interview wearing a pin that says “no whining,” and it just gets better. She has really lived; it is great that we are celebrating her while she’s still doing that. Go take a break and spend some time with her. (With the caveat that there are some actual spoilers for the new West Side Story in there. Yes, really!)

[Photographs by: Ruven Afanador, Styled by: Bernat Buscato, Text & interview by: Erik Maza]