FINALLY someone gives the right answer when asked about the hot topic of nepo babies — Allison Williams’s father is, of course, newscaster Brian Williams. To wit:

Girls premiered in 2012, well before TikTok discovered nepotism but long enough after the advent of Wikipedia that it took people no time at all to discover that each of its four stars had well-­connected parents. Williams brings it up of her own volition: The four of them weren’t “random, like from towns where there’s no one else that has ever broken through.” It wasn’t fair, and it costs her nothing to admit it. “For someone with no connections to our business to get to the place where I was able to start, skill aside—that’s what people mean. And that’s legitimate.”

That’s all people need to say! (She’s also VERY good about it in this amazing interview at New York, saying, “All that people are looking for is an acknowledgement that it’s not a level playing field. It’s just unfair. Period, end of the story, and no one’s really working that hard to make it fair. To not acknowledge that me getting started as an actress versus someone with zero connections isn’t the same — it’s ludicrous. It doesn’t take anything away from the work that I’ve done. It just means that it’s not as fun to root for me.”)


The rest of the interview is very enjoyable, and the shoot is classic Town and Country. She looks rich rich, basically, and that IS the vibe this magazine is devoted to. She is also tasked with wearing a very insane pair of boots. I’d click through. And this does remind me that I didn’t get last month’s issue. Is my postal carrier reading it now? I hope he’s loving it. I better get this one, though, I want to read that piece about lost artifacts!

As far as these covers go: I like them. She looks strong and direct, and also….shiny.

[Written by: Mattie Kahn; Photographed by: Billy Kidd; Styled by: Hadiee Findlay-Levin]