We’ve talked a fair bit about how Givenchy has dropped off the celebrity radar; it isn’t that Givenchy disappeared completely, but that it’s one outfit here and there, as opposed to a glut. There were only two sightings at the Met Gala, and until Diane Kruger kicked things up in Marrakech with this glitzy number, the best of them on the red carpet this year were either a) not gowns at all, but suits, for Hannah Einbinder and a custom suit for Wesley Snipes; or b) actually a vintage piece from 1987 on Elle Fanning, coming from Shrimpton Couture and not the house itself.

But several celebs showed up to the October show, much of which was very casual, and now here we have Sadie promoting The Whale in some Givenchy pearl-studded denim. I don’t know if Matthew Williams will take a Louis Vuitton approach and do glamorous custom work that has little in common with the runway offerings, or if the line will push toward streetwear, which seems a waste of a high-profile name and that Audrey Hepburn association. Maybe it’ll be both. “Casual Givenchy” feels like it should be an oxymoron, though.

Anyway, I am not sure I have meandered toward a point, or even an opinion — other than wondering if those are uncomfortable to sit in, or feel like getting a tiny massage every time you shift your weight. The outfit is fine. There’s not a ton of there there. Sadie is young and dressing the part, they’re just fancy jeans, it’s all very okay. But given my prior musings about Whither the Givenchy (and WTF, Givenchy?), it did make me wonder what 2023 will bring for them. Will they try to trend young and casual? Will we get an aggressive push the likes of which we’ve seen work for Valentino and Carolina Herrera? Or will we end up in December asking the same questions?

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