It feels like Givenchy has dropped way down the popularity list, at least when it comes to red carpets. It feels like there is very little of the brand’s DNA in here, although maybe that’s my own ignorance talking and I’m missing a piece of the brand’s story. But up until the dresses hit around slide 40ish, it gives off a distinct whiff of wanting to be cool streetwear, without actually knowing how. There’s a slip dress on slide 16 that I am terrified Olivia Rodrigo will get suckered into wearing, and then Gigi Hadid (above) pops up in slide 18 in some denim monstrosity… the less said about slide 21, the better. The most useful stuff begins on slide 39, but is short-lived. I don’t know. People may wear a little bit of it, especially if the take is generous enough, but I still don’t feel like I understand what’s happening here. It doesn’t feel cool; it just feels like someone got high and fell down an Old Navy rabbithole.

[Photos: Spotlight]