If you think this photo seems familiar and might be a retread, it isn’t; Allison wore a silver metallic dress for the first premiere of M3gan, but it had straps. And I liked that one better. This feels watered-down, like a fountain soda you left on the dining table and rediscovered an hour later: The ESSENCE is there, but it’s lost its punch. How would you spice this up? I’d shorten it — that length is No Man’s Land — and I’d scoop back her hair and give this a zingy necklace and better shoes. Which, for the record, I think would have helped a lot even without any extra tailoring. This needed a bit more verve than was provided. Perhaps her verve, like a handful of hideous Christmas sweaters I ordered this year, got misplaced at the USPS facility and is yet to reappear.

[Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Universal Pictures]