Ugh, I love Town and Country. This cover is fully over the top and grand and “tapestry prophets”? TELL ME MORE. (I’m also obviously always interested in escandelo.) The profile is also very good — there is a reason that I still get T&C literally delivered to my home — and the photo shoot is glorious and luxe and VERY not boring. It’s shot at the Tony Duquette residence, Dawnridge, which I am personally obsessed with. Absolutely go read it, but enjoy this taste:

Between takes, Curtis admired a jade ring from Tiffany, and soon she received a little blue box with a matching piece, an official symbol of their friendship. (Yeoh loves splurging. “In recent years I do reward myself,” she says. “Why would I wait for someone to send me flowers? If I want the flowers, I will go and buy them.”)


Photographs by: Ruven Afanador; Styled by: Cristina Ehrlich; Text & interview by: Amy Nicholson