This cover is exactly what I come to T&C for: Fat honking jewelry casually paired with a cozy sweater, and someone trying to get me to move to Switzerland. And not for nothing but SWEATER WEATHER SWAGGER is a perfect headline. Chef’s kiss — this is the reason T&C is one of the few remaining mags that still arrive at my home on a monthly basis!

The profile is, of course, in aid of promoting the new (and last!) season of Mrs. Maisel, as well as the new western Brosnahan is in, Dead for a Dollar, which comes out shortly (which is why she was in Venice recently). She seems perfectly nice and like a wholly reasonable person (and she’s also younger than I think of her), but I think the best quote comes not from her, but from her Maisel co-star Kevin Pollak:

“She’s a mother hen. She’s the best with the little ones, and us, too, making sure everyone is having a good day,” Pollak says. “You know that saying, ‘The fish stinks from the head’? In this case the fish smells beautiful.”

That’s quite memorably said (and a very nice compliment when it comes right down to it).

[Photographs by: Pamela Hanson; Styled by: Anne Christensen; Text & interview by: Marisa Meltzer]