Today was a two-parter; you can find part one here.

For last night’s Cocktail Shindig Thingie (official royal terminology), Kate gave the old nod to Lela Rose, which is seriously surprising. I would have thought she’d have gone for an Aussie designer — Lela Rose is an American, and this feels like a really big get for her — and there was a rumor that she was going to wear Ralph & Russo at this thing (they did that insanely hot white dress Angelina Jolie wore during the World War Z junket, and I would literally send the Queen $20 if she’d let Kate wear that). ANYWAY, while I actually really like Lela Rose (her collection last September was deeply charming), I am not super into this. I know, you guys. I’m sorry. I mean, listen, Kate never looks straight out BAD, and I am sort of going back and forth on it, but the upshot is…I have some notes.

One of the notes is that I do enjoy seeing her hair up for a change (although let’s be real: if I had that hair I’d be swinging it around like a girl gyrating on the top of a car in a Motley Crue video all the time). But another note is that this feels somewhat Daytime Event to me. And I will say that while Kate’s classic style honestly appeals to me, I find that she’s good at daytime and good at evening, and sometimes sort of rando at these “cocktail” events: I was neutral on the Temperley she wore to one, and I disliked this Temperley she wore to another one AND I was undecided on THIS one. Huh. I hope this doesn’t mean that when Kate and I finally get together for cocktails I don’t blurt out, “I have notes on that outfit.” I plan to blurt out, “wtf are we going to do about Cressida, dude?”

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