The penultimate day! Tomorrow (today? Yesterday? I don’t even know what my name is right now) these two will make a couple more final appearances and then climb on the plane and head back to London where surely many a nap will be taken and many a yoga pant will be worn in secret. But today was very jam-packed: they planted trees with extremely cute twins, and gamboled in pods of some sort of playground ilk; then went to a reception, where they listened to/gave a speech respectively (the content of which, I believe, was basically, “thanks for having us! You are all DELIGHTFUL and our baby is awesome. See you soon!”) and pressed the flesh. Later tonight, they’re going to a party of some sort, so hold your breath for shit to get glamorous up in here — that event will get its own post, very possibly tomorrow morning, in part because it’s possible I might fall asleep before it happens, but also because…well, gowns.

Outfits? I can tell you: Kate wore a Catherine Walker coatdress, her second Catherine Walker of the tour, and Twitter reported that she told someone it was sweltering — I can believe it. I presume it’s in green for Australia, and mostly I keep thinking that I wish the person who helps her figure out what to wear and why would have a blog to explain to all of us, later, what the inspiration was behind each look,  because they’re thoughtful and I’m nosy. I like it very well, but, you guys, these shoes shall be the death of me. They must be extremely comfortable.  (I did, parenthetically, read that sometimes people get Botox in the balls of their feet to make wearing heels less painful and I swear if I were her I would do it. Botox in my pits to prevent sweat, Botox in my feet so I could stand. Just pump me full of botulism toxin, y’all.)

As for William, he actually changed when Kate did not. I know, right?

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