As I said on Twitter last night, when Claire Danes shows up at the People’s Choice Awards, you know Claire Danes WON a People’s Choice Award:

Unlike more prestigious awards shows, the PCAs definitely give a nod to your PR if you’re winning, so that they can be sure you will attend. And I have to say, I give Claire props for showing up, in a real dress, and walking the red carpet like a pro — it was POURING in Los Angeles last night, and many, many people did not walk the red carpet; she is arguably the only A-lister who did so, and I think it was classy of her to decide to do it up right. The People’s Choice Awards sort of makes me sad, for some reason. For one thing, it needs to be in, like, July — an awards show dead zone, so that people will care and show up and use it to promote whatever dumb-ass summer movie they’ve got coming out, or even just to remind the world that they’re alive. In January, THREE DAYS before the Golden Globes? Celebs are going to give way less of a shit: This isn’t USEFUL to them now, and many of them are at home on the final run of a serious cleanse, with an obscure mud mask on their face, waiting for Sunday to roll around. Don’t try to run with the serious awards shows, PCA! Move yourself to the MTV Movie Awards season, and be a big fish in a little pond!

That all taken care of, Claire looks good. I like the back of this as well. It’s saucy:

However, $20 says this was in the running for Sunday, and there are some very disappointed people over at Burberry right now. Just send us all some trench coats, guys. It’ll make you feel better!

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