You know how Netflix is spending a kajillion dollars on a 10-episode drama about Queen Elizabeth’s life, called The Crown? (That’s hyperbole, of course. It’s only $156 million.) They released a sizzle reel for it today, and I suspect you might want to watch it:

Tiaras! Crowns! Incredible locations! Angst? It sure looks expensive, and I already dislike Claire Foy FAR less than I did when she was Anne Boelyn in Wolf Hall. That said, surely there will be much to discuss about this, including and perhaps especially: Is Matt Smith hot enough to play a young Prince Philip? (Young Prince Philip was EXTREMELY hot, which is one of the reasons QE2 married him, I am quite sure.)  These are the burning questions of our times.

I was originally just going to make this a post about The Crown, but then I just saw the trailer for Netflix’s other show, The Get Down, Baz Luhrmann’s 70s musical drama set in the Bronx, which Vulture says “follows a group of New York City youngsters…in the 1970s on the cusp of discovering hip-hop through the guidance of Grandmaster Flash.” (The trailer has some NSFW language, just FYI.) And it also looks awesome. BEHOLD!

Ten points to Netflix today. I am IN.