You guys! Maggie G looks GREAT:

I think it helps that she really looks fab in this red lipstick. She used to look a bit…facially unfinished to me, if that makes sense? Not in the sense that she wasn’t fully formed, but in the sense that I think her head used to often feel like she was running late and just DGAF, and it didn’t gel with whatever the rest of her look was attempting. Here, though, I think she looks super from top to toe.

Move out of the way, Peter:

I mean, it’s not REVOLUTIONARY, but, man, is this good on her. She really can do that 70s plunging neckline. She’s currently playing, and I quote Deadline, “a Times Square hooker and veteran with an entrepreneurial bent who is drawn into the fledgling industry” in The Deuce, which is this 70s porn drama with James Franco that HBO ordered to pilot, which she is also producing, and I feel like all the potentially good stylistic bits of that coalesced here. Keep it up.