Okay, Natalie’s dress isn’t that bad. There’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it’s rather flattering; it’s just that she, unfortunately and in a way that’s outside her control, has managed to be the thud at the end of the lively parade that was the Palm Springs Film Festival. (Do we think she’s secretly annoyed, or doesn’t care, that now potentially BOTH Oscars/all major awards of her career have been while heavily preggers?) But the real odd bit here is how poorly Benjamin Millepied’s suit fits — or, as I will always think of him after Lainey coined it, Ballet K-Fed.

Portman and Millepied

He looks like every dude in every movie who thinks he can wear his old Prom tux with no alterations — I’m primarily looking at you, Steve Martin in Father of the Bride — and then he puts it on and he’s like, “STILL…. FITS….” as he wrestles with the buttons and refrains from breathing for two hours.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]