I didn’t realize Kirsten is also in Hidden Figures, which I am seeing later this week, so at first I thought this was just a tantalizing advertisement for a Palm Springs version of Drinks With Broads that I had stupidly neglected to drive down and MAKE HAPPEN. But no, they’re simply accepting an ensemble award with other members of the cast, and then presumably having drinks together and with other awesome broads. (The third in this shot, Kimberly Quinn, acts in and co-produced Hidden Figures; let’s invite her.) The crisp shirt with the floral skirt on Octavia really work together (even if the blouse might be doing slightly weird things to her front?), and I love the retro glamour of Kiki’s simple bluish-gunmetal sheath, which is apparently custom Ralph & Russo, and which is super on her. Guys, this is two out of three posts today from me that are cheery and complimentary. NEW YEAR, NEW ME?!?

[Photo: Getty]