I am delighted to be writing this post, because it is giving me the opportunity to shoehorn in a discussion of how amazing Renee Elise Goldsberry is in Girls5Eva, which I just started over the weekend. There is a scene of her attempting to enter a Duane Reade in shoes that she can’t technically walk in that is so funny, I literally wept. The whole show is a very entertaining diversion, but she is spectacular in it and I’m glad she’s the member of the band that was elected to show up for this event. This is sort of the Employees of NBC Universal post, as Padma Lakshmi is also here repping Bravo and the current (very good) season of Top Chef. Also: The always welcome Gabrielle Union, and one VERY large gown. (If you’re looking for H.E.R, who looked rad in a red sequined number, you can read about her here.)

[Photos: Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images]