I have some questions about this — namely, whether the floppy demi-poncho on top is the best possible execution of a) that idea, or b) this dress, which has a healthy amount happening below the waist and therefore might not have needed any flourishes above it. And yet I’m drawn to it, and I think it’s because I am one of the tribe of crones that remembers The Partridge Family, and her skirt reminds me a whole lot of the birds in the credits. And you know what THAT means: I, and possibly you, am spending the rest of the day tapping my toes and singing “Come On, Get Happy,” and it’s going to put me in a pretty jaunty mood. If I had a hat, I would pull it confidently down onto my head with a spunky smile and then wink at something. If I drop my lunch, I will pause for a second, and then LAUGH AND LAUGH and make a “Pish, you scamp” motion with my hand. If I’m walking down my street, I might take a second to kick my legs up into the air. You know how it is when you catch Jauntice. Just watch — it’s gonna come for you too.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]