For a weird second I thought Natasha Lyonne was Jessica Chastain, which would have been a very big casting surprise — and a coup, too, and now I sort of want to see Jessica in the final season. My next thought, of course, was, “If Natasha’s hair is red, does that mean the second season of Russian Doll is a true sequel,” and I hope not, because I REALLY loved it and she and Charlie Barnett are super in it, and to me it was a perfect experience as-is and should continue only in anthology mode. Anyway, thank you for taking that digressive journey with me. This is a very random assemblage of outfits that feels as if no one quite got a cohesive dress-code memo. Uzo looks fabulous. Jessica Pimentel looks nice, too, and Natasha’s suit is a super break from all the black she often wears. Selenis Leyva is channeling Alicia Keys from like 2004 with the gown over jeans, but her head is amazing. Danielle Brooks, my beloved, seems bogged down by heavy fabric. Adrienne Moore is in dress overalls in case anyone needs anything harvested during the event — which Taylor can help with, as she’s already wearing her gardening clogs (with a frock she found in the trunk of her car) — and Dascha Polanco is in poorly fitting separates in a color that doesn’t do her beauty any justice. When the day comes, I will miss this diverse assemblage of women. Their styles — like them or not — are a wild range, and fun to behold even when they are nutty. Perhaps especially then. (Also, I have never NOT smiled when I see Adrienne Moore grinning; she has an infectious one.) The good news is that we have a long run before they stop doing things together, and thereafter, the Paley Center will probably be sure to reunite them every other year because that place is HOT AS HELL for reunion panels.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]