Rosario Dawson seems like she’s the one you’d seek out at a Hollywood party if you didn’t know anyone else. You could totally stand next to this person and have a light conversation about how to juggle your cocktail and your canapes, or whether you’re deleting Facebook, without being overly nervous or her acting standoffish about having to talk to a Normal. In my mind, she’s easy-breezy-friendly, and I enjoy how lately she really leans into the red carpet experience, even — or especially — when she’s wearing something kooky. So I appreciate the glee she’s bringing to this photo, but I’m not quite there with her on the dress. To me, the problem is clear: the satin waistband, which makes the skirt look like funereal undercrackers that she’s forced to wear because she spilled grief cheese all over her regular skirt. How would you fix it? Lean into the top, and bring that liveliness all the way down? Keep the satin, but cut it way back? Lose the satin and make the tulle start at her waist? Or a fourth TOTALLY different skirt option? I guess No. 5 would be, “Go home and change, period,” but I love a makeover too much to pick that one. So let’s be bossy about stuff we can’t fix, instead. Way more fun.