KOURTNEY: Eyes over there. That’s where the cameras are.

CHER: I know, I’m–

KIM: You’re Shirley, right? Our contest winner. You’re like so lucky. Like do you KNOW how many people entered this contest. Like so many.

CHER: I think you might be–

KOURTNEY: It’s surprising, I know. I look very professional. But I promise, it’s me. You’re really here, really meeting me. Look over there and smile for Instagram.

CHER: I don’t–

KOURTNEY: But you shouldn’t have worn black pants. I think us having wardrobe approval was in the terms and konditions.

CHER: Are you for–

KIM: No we’re five, but I guess like three if you subtract Kylie and Kendall and then add in our mother then sure. Is my hair like so smooth though.

CHER: I thought YOU were–

KIM: I was.

CHER: Huh?

KIM:But then I decided I like missed public life sometimes. Like Instagram won’t just post itself. Like I just wish I’d had one more look at my dress though. Like I asked for one with labial shading but like is it enough or is it just like so subtle.

KOURTNEY: It’s amazing, Kim. You look like a pharaoh.

KIM: Like shit though are there carbs in that.

KOURTNEY: No, not like farro, like a pharaoh, like the person who ruled Egypt.

KIM: Like those people that put jars in their basements for when they died.

CHER: Are you for real?

KIM: Hahahahahaha you’re such a cutie. Like I seriously thought your hat was your hair but it’s not.


CHER: My thoughts exactly.