Cher, Gloria, Reba: The Kennedy Center Honors Was Full of Rad Ladies

Dec 4, 2018 by Heather at 7:00 AM

Kourtney, Kim, and… Kher?

Apr 13, 2017 by Heather at 7:00 AM
It just doesn't work with a K, y'all. Sorry, Cher. (Methinks Cher is relieved.) Read More »

Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: Patterns

May 5, 2015 by Jessica at 4:30 PM

Casual Fuggerday: The “Day of Indulgence” Party

Aug 17, 2013 by Heather at 12:00 PM

If I Could Turn Back Fug (With An Assist From Christina Fuguilera)

Jun 20, 2013 by Heather at 9:00 AM

Fug Madness 2011: Play-In Game, Madonna vs. Cher

Mar 15, 2011 by Jessica at 10:00 AM
Welcome to the first game of Fug Madness 2012! Need a refresher on how this works? Here's the Fug Madness… Read More »

Well Played, Christina Aguilera?

Dec 20, 2010 by Jessica at 2:00 PM
This picture amuses: Cher is clearly like, "screw you all. It's COLD in Germany. I'm not… Read More »


Dec 17, 2010 by Jessica at 10:00 AM
CHER: Come here, precious child. Let me embrace you. You're so brave. You're so CHER. CHRISTINA:… Read More »

Cher-ly Played, Cher

Dec 14, 2010 by Jessica at 8:00 AM
In case you were wondering, Cher is bravely soldiering on despite the fact that Burlesque was perhaps a bit of… Read More »


Dec 10, 2010 by Heather at 1:00 PM
"I know what you're thinking, America." "You're thinking, 'Oh, Cher, so boring! Oh, Cher, no nudity! Read More »

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