Remember Kate’s garden at the Chelsea Flower Show? A new version of it now lives over at Hampton Court, and she — and a bunch of school kids — came out to open it there today. (FWIW, the gardens/playground/maze over at Hampton Court are very enjoyable to begin with, so if you’re heading to the UK this summer, they should be on your list anyway.) It was all very charming. BEHOLD THE CHARM:

First of all, I’m obsessed with this child:

She is SO CUTE and I want her dress for myself and that whole story is sweet. (The video is very charming. She, like, delivers the flowers and just takes off.).

It looks like it’s a bit warm in the UK at the mo’:

This does look like a VERY good garden:

I’m sure Henry VIII approves.

This is also very cute:

Outfit-wise, the dress is this Sandro number, which IS on sale but possibly sold out by the time you click that link. They DO have a short version that is also really very cute and ALSO on sale, which…I might need, let’s be honest. (The sale items are also an extra 20% off with the code HAPPY4TH.) (Whoops, I bought it.)


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