In this shot, I see a beautiful caftan-kimono hybrid situation on Heidi. (I’m sure she had all kinds of reasons behind the makeup strategy, but… it’s giving me a Consumptive Michael Stipe vibe. I feel like I should be feeding her ice chips.) But when we see the outfit from the front…

Celebrities at amfAR Party

… the whole ensemble gets downgraded to being a very expensive, heavy-seeming robe that she belted randomly because she decided this was not a bra-top event. As opposed to, say, just finding a non-bra top. The point is, everything is distracting and detracting from all the work that went into the cafmonobe (caftan-kimono-robe), and that’s such a shame. Naeem Khan sightings are few and far between now, and I got my hopes up, dammit.