Okay, I MIGHT argue that I would have used one of the inside shots for the cover, but overall, this vibe is luxe and fun and it’s a refreshing change to see some holiday covers that do feel Christmas-y but aren’t, like, Aggressively Festive. It’s chic! It might help that “Gorgeous Rich Lady Is Sick of Your Shit” is the vibe I most long to personally emit, although I have not yet been successful at this in any measurable way. I also, as you know, prefer all my magazines to be about Rich People With Problems, so this is essentially all directed right at me.

The profile, by Justine Hartman, is very good — and also opens with Chastain talking about The Real Housewives, which is ALSO one my main areas of interest. The woman also watches Winter House! JESSICA. Please contact me so we can talk shit about Craig!!!! Anyway, it’s about more than that — including Ukraine, and Iran — and I enjoyed reading it. The editorial shoot is also VERY luxe and good and occasionally veers a little Amy Adams in American Hustle, which is always a compliment.

[Photos By: Jessica Chou]