So, this is cool! Marie Claire has gone digital — that part isn’t cool, I miss glossy mags! But it seems to be the way of the world — and they’ve created a “moving cover” for this month. The snap above is what they’re using, I think, for instances when the “moving cover” isn’t applicable, or they need a still (like, for print coverage), and it is cute — it definitely captures her sharp essence —  but the actual one in motion is really neat:


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There is something about this that feels like the credits of an underappreciated 90s teen comedy (in a good way). Like if Sassy had made a TV show, and Jenny Slate starred in it as a clever teen with a zine that gets her into trouble, this would have been the credits sequence. (Yes, I recognize that Jenny Slate is NOT a teen but in the 90s, all teenagers were played by full adults.) I wish one of these was like a full, toothy smile — but that would not be very in keeping with this fictional situation I’ve just whipped up, so there you go. It also, actually, would not have gone with the tone of the profile at all, as the piece is thoughtful and even somewhat cerebral (although I also laughed out loud at one point).  I recommend you clicking over and reading the entire thing because it is compelling in a way that many celebrity profiles are not. Like, this is very thoughtful:

I ask Slate if she considers herself a lonely person, and she pauses for a moment. “I’ve been in a long process of trying to understand the difference between loneliness and solitude,” she says. “Part of that is not being afraid of being alone, and then getting past that fear, and then starting to separate out what is loneliness, and what is solitude, and what is privacy, and what is secret? What is a natural separation of time and schedule, and what is abandonment—or rejection? What is rejection and abandonment, and what is just people taking space to do their own day or whatever? So, no. Now I don’t feel lonely at all. It feels like a big injury that healed.”

It’s just a very good read!  (Chris Evans is not discussed.)

[Photographed by Ramona Rosales]