Covers like this are tricky — She Said is about Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey’s historic and vital investigative reporting of Harvey Weinstein’s years of sexual harassment and appalling behavior, and it would feel tonally weird to have the film’s stars and its subjects wilding out in like Chanel bikini tops or whatever to promote it. The good news is that Marie Claire, in particular, has a long history of general intelligence and this is absolutely professional for Kantor and Twohey, while still being Movie Star Dramatic for a very pregnant Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan, who gets to bring a little capital F Fashion with her admittedly logistically complicated shirt situation.

The profile is extremely well done; I highly recommend clicking through to read the entire thing, but this part is especially good:

Jodi Kantor: We see in our reporting all the time that everything’s changed and nothing’s changed. There are areas where there has been a profound cultural shift. And then, on the other hand, you ask yourself: For a woman working a minimum-wage job—given that federal sexual-harassment laws are still pretty weak in this country—is she really any better protected than she was five years ago? But part of why we’re so honored for this film to be shared is that it takes us back to a moment of real uncertainty. Megan and I just can’t stress enough that we did not know how the story was going to land. [Our book and this film invite] people to stand there with us during the first conversations with actresses, and during the moment when Harvey Weinstein burst into the newsroom almost uninvited. When we were living that moment, the big question in our minds was, Are we going to be able to publish this story? But now the question on my mind is more: Where does progress come from, exactly?

The entire thing is thoughtful and intelligent and just very well-worth your time.

We also got a cover that just features the actresses:

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Zoe looks great on both of these, and I enjoy the mental image of the stylist being like, “ZOE, we’re all in on BELTS for you!” I like looking at this snap and thinking that Carey is being like, “shhh Zoe, I know this isn’t the important thing but I need to have a little sidebar with you about my top on the other one.” There is a shot of her in the interior editorial where she is wearing a STELLAR Givenchy number that you definitely want to see, too.

[Photos: Lauren Dukoff]