Last year, Anya Taylor-Joy let Dior put her in a Retro Barbie Flight Attendant situation — that woman is pouring Champagne as she walks through the cigarette fog of First Class on TWA — and the other night, they jointly were at it again. This reminds me of that scene in Gone With The Wind where the ladies go upstairs to nap during the all-day party so that the menfolk can discuss menfolk things, and we see them in their petticoats putting their dresses back on afterwards. It’s An American Girl Who Will Learn Someday She’s on the Wrong Side of History Gets Ready to Go Back Downstairs at Twelve Oaks. And it looks cold.

I follow Graham Norton’s show on Instagram, and got an eyeful of what she wore the other night on THAT:

This doll in the ATJ collection is what I would call Blond Cher. If you watch the clip, or visit this post and go to the second slide, you’ll see that the pants are super low-cut — her navel was out while she was chatting on the couch — and also sheer. She’s got you, babe.

This photo is pretty grand, though — it’s her Harper’s Bazaar UK shot:


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It’s got a real Rapunzel quality to it, but a version in which she didn’t mess around waiting for some dude to get her out of the tower. This Rapunzel, in fact, lured him in and then ganked his horse and rode off to freedom.

[Photo: Wire Image via Dior]