Today is Veterans Day. If you are a veteran, thank you for your service.

It’s also advent calendar season — hooray! We’ve rounded up some fun ones.

We also had a very fun and fruitful Give a Recommendation, Get a Recommendation chat!

I was the guest on Extra Hot Great this week, to discuss the new season of The CrownJersey Shore (very similar projects), The Sopranos, and a variety of other TV-related shenanigans!

NPR has a useful piece here: Here’s how close the votes are for outstanding House and Senate races. (Sorry California takes so long, this is just how we do it!) For my money, PHEW! That election went pretty okay!

This is gonna warm the very cockles of your heart: Meet ‘Papa Joe,’ the Altadena gas station owner who sold $2-billion winning Powerball ticket. [LA Times]

WHAT!!!!!??? Inside Interior’s Fat Bear Week voting scandal. This reminds me of the time people tried to hack Fug Madness for Shania Twain. [Greenwire]

A really interesting piece at Lainey: Are we being hypocritical towards Cher’s disparate romance with a man 40 years her junior?

Neat-o: Paper Peepshows: How People Experienced “Virtual Reality” in the 19th Century. [My Modern Met]

A great profile of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s star Tenoch Huerta, at the LA Times.

Related, and very interesting: The Mesoamerican Influences Behind Namor From ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ [Smithsonian]

And Ruth E. Carter spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about the film’s costumes!

Very sobering and illuminating piece at The New Yorker: In Itaewon, Another Betrayal of Young Koreans.

A long and well-reported piece at Vulture: The Curse of Kentwood: One year ago, Britney Spears was freed from a notorious conservatorship. What possessed her father to seize control of her life?

Relatable: Sometimes This Octopus Is So Mad It Just Wants to Throw Something. [NYT]

I don’t technically NEED new pajamas, as I bought FOUR (!!???!!!!) LL Bean Granny Flannel Nightgowns in some kind of absolutely insane fugue state during the pandemic, but these Old Navy matching family ones are sooooooo cute. Please, one of you buy your pet a holiday pajama sweater. PLEASE. [affiliate links]

Agreed: I Can’t Fucking Believe How Good ‘Andor’ Is. [Defector]

A good profile of Queen Christine Baranski. [Vanity Fair]

This is nice! Paul Mescal ‘officially engaged to Phoebe Bridgers.’ [Socialite Life]

In further Celebrity Romantice Developments: Irina Shayk ‘very much loves’ Bradley Cooper, they’ve been ‘hanging out more’; FWIW, Lainey seems more doubtful about this. [Celebitchy, Lainey]

I hate everything I own. Will a hot pink corduroy mini-skirt fix me? What about this cardigan with tigers on it? What about these green velvet platforms? What about these adorable/bonkers Christmas wreath earrings? TBD. [Boden, affiliate links]

Accurate, from Pajiba: The Situation On Twitter is Bad. My goodness, it has been WILD on Twitter this week! Consider this your loving reminder that you can always procrastinate here, at Go Fug Yourself, which we do not currently plan to sell to Elon Musk.

(Photo by Roger Viollet Collection/Getty Images)