It is officially HOT AS BALLS in Los Angeles and I’m sure it’s steamy in New York too. Which is why Mindy’s little purple shift dress feels extremely perfect for right now. It’s breezy and cute and cool and easy.

This is also cute, and in Mindy’s defense I also need to note that we’re catching her on the way out of her press event:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - August 08, 2022

On the way in, she was wearing hot pink strappy sandals, which is as it should be.

This also dropped today:


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I think this cover is lovely and has a nice low-key Venus on the Half-Shell vibe, but it’s interesting to me how similar it feels to the recent Serena Williams cover of Vogue. To be clear: Those covers were absolutely being done on parallel tracks and this is just a coincidence! It’s just funny to me how often people stumble onto the same idea — it’s like when, during fashion week, somehow ten different labels are all suddenly very into lavender or something.

[ Photos by Gotham/ GC Images, Robert Kamau/GC Images]