As Chrissy Teigen pointed out on Twitter over the weekend, this Halloween feels like it’s gone on forever, and I think that’s what happens when The Day Itself actually falls mid-week. Obviously, Wednesday Halloween is a nightmare — when do you celebrate THAT? — but also Thursday Halloween is just as bad, because it’s so close to The Weekend After Halloween that you truly do start to wonder: When should this giant, fancy party actually be? (Obviously, Friday Halloween is the best of all possible Halloweens; everyone can sleep in the next day, but kids still get to have their costume parade at school. MOST holidays are best on a Friday, actually. But that’s a much larger conversation.) And yet, paradoxically, it seems like less celebs came out this year. Perhaps they’re all just waiting for Heidi Klum’s party, this time!

ANYWAY. Many Giant Fancy Parties were this weekend, and, as ever, I look forward to your explaining to me what half of these costumes are. As I have aged, I’ve lost my ability to identify what people are dressing up as, anymore. NO ONE tells you that this is a consequence of middle age, but think of me, young members of Fug Nation, when you find yourself, twenty years hence, asking some sweet teen what she’s supposed to be.

Of course, there are also pics that we only saw on Insta:

This is delightful. (Definitely click through to see all of them.)

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Brought It. #CaliforniaLove

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Demi was a Sexy Marie Antoniette situation (click through to see the full-size look on the second pic):

This is very good, and also you know everyone else at the AM/PM was like, “uh, Kate, I need some gum so are you almost…done?”:

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Don’t go breaking my heart, @jsauluck

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Liz Hurley was Uma Thurman in Kill Bill:

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We’ve got a Jessica Rabbit situation:

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