Avril Lavigne

Fugs and Fabs: Grammy Pre-Parties

Feb 18, 2016 by Heather at 12:00 PM

Avrilly Played, Avril Lavigne

Oct 16, 2013 by Heather at 1:00 PM
Well, we had the Spanish royal couple earlier in the week, and now we have Canada's. Read More »

Fugs, Fabs and Fines: MuchMusic Awards

Jun 17, 2013 by Jessica at 12:00 PM

Fugloween 2012

Nov 1, 2012 by Heather at 1:00 PM

Avril LaFug

Sep 12, 2012 by Jessica at 9:00 AM

It’s Fugplicated

Aug 23, 2012 by Heather at 8:00 AM
By now, you may have heard that Canada's most beloved musical children, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, are… Read More »


Aug 25, 2011 by Heather at 10:00 AM
Hang onto your dentures, because you are about to feel OLD: Avril Lavigne's first single was almost a decade ago. And… Read More »

MuchMusic Video Awards Fug: Almost Everyone

Jun 21, 2011 by Heather at 10:00 AM

What the Fug?

Mar 10, 2011 by Jessica at 8:00 AM
KIM KARDASHIAN: So...we're still doing this? AVRIL LAVIGNE: ROCKING OUT? HELL YEAH! KIM: No. Read More »

Fugril Lavigne

Nov 23, 2010 by Jessica at 11:00 AM
Speaking of someone who needs an image make-over:Not that we were. But we could be. And she would be… Read More »


May 10, 2010 by Jessica at 10:00 AM
Okay, first of all, can we talk about how Avril Lavigne here is allegedly dating Brody Jenner?Allegedly, this extends… Read More »

Fug the Ad: Avril Lavigne

Nov 25, 2009 by Jessica at 12:13 PM
Wow. If I were the head honcho at T-Mobile, I would be about ready to race down to my… Read More »


Apr 9, 2009 by Jessica at 1:15 PM
[Photo: Splash News]AVRIL LAVIGNE: But REF!REFEREE: I told you, Avril. I'm not a referee. I'm just wearing a striped… Read More »

The Best Fug Thing

Nov 5, 2007 by Jessica at 12:15 PM
So, it appears the Avril Lavigne Desperate Cry For Re-Invention/Alleged Press Tour of Great and Intense Boredom is back… Read More »

The Fug Damn Thing

May 17, 2007 by Heather at 1:02 PM
In case you were wondering, yes, Avril Lavigne does still appear to be sleepwalking her way through being Avril… Read More »
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