Heidi Klum historically LOVES Halloween and goes all out. This year? Well, as usual of late, she had endless coverage leading up to her big reveal on her Instagram, before finally heading out to her party well after 11pm, like some kind of kicky young person!!! Heidi, it is a MONDAY NIGHT! People have work the next day!

Having said that: It was worth it. One of the best aspects of Heidi Klum is her absolute lack of vanity when it comes to this holiday. When she finally arrived, she was dressed as A WORM and did many of her interviews lying down, worm-like, on the red carpet. Click in and see — plus some other celebs, who did not phone it in at this event. (I don’t think you want to phone it in for Heidi Klum on Halloween.)

PS: If you missed our coverage of this weekend’s Halloween festivities, it lives here! We also had a really fun conversation about our favorite/best costumes.

[Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock]