Honestly, I don’t know if Heidi Klum will ever top last year’s AMAZING Worm Costume…but this is pretty damn amazing. One of Heidi’s greatest strengths — from the POV of a civilian who doesn’t know her — is her COMMITMENT to Halloween and how great (and rarely stereotypically “hot”) her costumes are. (No disrespect to the Hot Costume Aficionados, as I was usually one myself back in the day. Or at least…okay, technically mine were more “cute” but you know what I mean.) Last year, she took FOREVER to arrive at her party — 11pm on a Monday!! — but in her defense, she did have to wiggle into that worm costume. This year, she was once again the final person to arrive — a commitment to drama that I appreciate and also I’m impressed by her energy levels and ability to be out so late. The real question is: Was this worth the wait? PS: The feathers are PEOPLE. There might have been interpretive dance involved? At some point she (I think??) laid an egg and that egg is her husband? (I’m ignoring the fact that the dramatic peacocks are male and don’t lay eggs.) Those last few sentences just read like a bunch of words I threw in a blender!

This is wild:

Take a closer look in the slideshow and let me know how it grabs you.

[Photos: John Nacion/WWD via Getty Images]