Once again, I’m compelled to note that I love that a Eurovision winner are having a moment. It hadn’t really happened since Celine Dion in 1988 (and before her, ABBA), but finally in 2021 we were blessed with the wild, horny glam-rock stylings of Maneskin — who promptly blew up when an old cover of “Beggin'” resurfaced and carried them all the way to a guest performance on The Voice. (Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade” is in heavy rotation on Sirius XM Radio, but he as a PERSON doesn’t seem to be getting the same traction.) Oh, Maneskin. You are so consistently you. I’m trying to come up with comparisons and they’re all word vomit — Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Slade meets every “Lady Marmalade” performance from the early aughts meets a Juliette Lewis Halloween Costume Contest (truly, Left Maneskin and Lady Maneskin look like if Juliette’s Yellowjackets character was in a band with her younger 1996 self)(yes, I need to learn their names). Ultimately what that proves is that their style may just be defined as… Maneskin. They’re now the next musical guest on SNL, and kids, please follow the Covid protocols and stay safe and/or lock yourselves in a bunker or something, because I REALLY want to see what y’all do at 30 Rock. Maybe they’ll do a whole set as Glam Rock Liz Lemon.

[Photo: Amy Sussman/WireImage via Getty Images]
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