I just thought you might need ABBA giving the thumbs up today — and, maybe, on every day.

Although I am very familiar with the collected works of ABBA (I played a lot of “ABBA Gold” during my shifts at my dorm’s front desk in 1994), I actually had never seen their winning Eurovision performance until now. Yes, there IS a conductor dressed as Napoleon:

This was at the Dome in Brighton and while I happen to think that “Waterloo” is a tremendously good song, it’s also low-key brilliant to play to the home team thusly. Also: WOW EVERYONE IS SHINY and the boots in this foursome are truly unhinged. It’s great.

I also appreciate the official video — where everyone is wearing the same semi-inexplicable outfits and the lip-syncing is a bit off  — because you can really hear the piano better:

Isn’t one of the best parts of “Waterloo” the banging on the piano? I think so. (The video also has a LOT of Napoleon imagery!)

ABBA has brought us so much, from this absolute delight….

…to this ABBA-inspired number from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is mildly ill-advised to watch in any setting that you don’t want people to hear the word “penis” blaring from your device, but which is truly one of the best things I’ve ever seen:

Put on some lycra and platform boots and celebrate this day wisely!

[Photo: Steve Wood/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images]