I don’t know if I’d call what Megan is wearing an OUTFIT, per se, so much as an item made of fabric that is on her body. Machine Gun Kelly actually looks totally regular here, aside from the giant D&G pendant (he’s all-in on them as a brand ambassador; he not only walked in their most recent show, twice, but performed in it). As for Megan, at one point she said that they don’t leave the house unless her look coordinates with whatever he has picked out, and I definitely… don’t get that here? I don’t get this in general, obviously, aside from the coat — her boobs are fighting whatever those cup/patch things are — but mostly he looks cool and she looks like Kim Kardashian from several years ago. Which is amusing because it makes a nifty little gossip loop with the big stories setting Twitter aflame now: Megan’s outfit evokes Kim, who is dating Pete Davidson, the fact of which has apparently upset Kanye, who is dating actress Julia Fox, who is wearing stuff that Megan conceivably might also might bring into her repertoire, like super-duper-super low-rise pants with visible thongs or high cropped shirts. The circle is complete. I look forward to that becoming an awkward dinner party somewhere in New York.

[Photo: Shutterstock]