Happy weekend! I am….deeply exhausted for a variety of reasons, and therefore leave you with this! PS: If you’re in the path of the hurricane, be careful and please stay safe!

NOTE: The Emmys are coming…on MONDAY. Mark your calendars.

You know what else is coming? LEATHER JACKET WEATHER. We picked out some cute ones for you.

This is fantastically written, and enraging, by Linda Bloodworth Thomason:  Not All Harassment Is Sexual. The kicker is…chef’s kiss. So good.

Enjoy this interview with Emma Thompson at Vulture! It is just plain old interesting. Here is part of it: “Young people are going to films and seeing a lot more men than women. It’s so annoying to be female and consistently going, “Have I got to see a fucking story again about a guy who does things that I’ve already seen a guy do a million times?” So I’m bored. The difference now, as I get older, is that I’m released by my boredom. I no longer bother. I’m free to go and look for new ideas and new voices. I’m able with absolute comfort and ease to reject so much. It’s fantastic being this age. I’m old.”

At Lainey: Look at all these pictures of Henry Golding. I know you want to!

I really enjoy Brittany Packett’s writing, and this is great at Shondaland: You Owe Me an Apology: The most striking lesson I derived from Serena Williams’ US Open experience was to demand the apologies you deserve.

At Pajiba: Movies That Need Sequels, Like NOW, Goddammit!

Allison P. Davis is one of my favorite writers, and she went and hung out with dreamy dreamboat Noah Centineo. [New York]

This will be of great interest to many of you, at Vanity Fair:  Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs: An Oral History of Frasier

At Celebitchy: Michael B. Jordan could possibly replace Henry Cavill as Superman…?!? OMG PLEASE I NEED THIS THIS YEAR HAS BEEN STRESSFUL.

Do you like dishy (and logistics-heavy) stories about what happens when TV shows go off the rails? ENJOY, from The Hollywood Reporter: American Gods’ Sidelines New Showrunner Amid Delays and Frustrations 

I mean, this isn’t great. Have you been keeping up with this mysterious development? Fan Bingbing Is Still Missing, May Be In Jail [Dlisted]

This is interesting, at Vox: A Silicon Valley stylist shares her secrets: Allbirds are out, scruff is in, and khakis were never okay. I would NEVER have thought any of those tech bro dudes used a stylist.

At the Mary Sue: The Ever-Evolving Feminism of Cinderella