This is, as usual, a reader request grown out of a conversation we had last week, when we looked at fall florals. It is also not the first time we’ve talked about leather jackets, since I already rounded up a bunch of oxblood ones last year, when Meghan Markle wore one — and, for what it’s worth, that oxblood leather jacket look is still all over the place.  Because it is still VERY TRUE that a leather jacket is a real workhorse in anyone’s wardrobe. Back in the day, I had a faux one from Target that I wore for like 100 years, until the faux-leather literally started peeling off. Then I got one from J.Crew Factory that’s real leather — they soon discovered that selling real leather at J.Crew Factory was not sustainable, I guess, because it’s not there anymore although it’s essentially this one, at Madewell. I wear it SO MUCH, and I say this as a person with a fairly cheery and preppy wardrobe. It just works so well to winter-ize a spring dress, or to take some of my cheery/peppy stuff to a less…sartorially enthusiastic place, if I’m feeling that. It’s also something you can really just throw on and still look like you’ve done something intentional. There are approximately a bajillion options out there, both real and faux  – I think this one, for instance, is a really great basic option and it’s a good price – and in a ton of colors and cuts (like, I kinda want this light blue one although I SURELY do not need a blue suede jacket).


FYI: GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. I can assure you that all jackets were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking tequila and watching Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.