Hope your week was peaceful and productive, and you have a fun and safe weekend. The news lately has been tough, and I hope something here can bring you some entertainment:

Such an interesting read at Variety, about the heyday of Hollywood studio commissaries.  I’ve eaten at a few commissaries in my day and it’s STILL fun.This is SUCH a specific list, at GQ: Ranking the Greatest Acting Performances by Musicians in Martin Scorsese Movies

The Hollywood Reporter writes that “under newly announced Halloween costume rules from SAG-AFTRA, being seen online dressing as popular TV and movie characters is prohibited.” Fran Drescher does NOT want to see your Nanny costume on Instagram!

These Paul Mescal ads for Gucci are not for me, but if they’re for you, I hope you love them. [Socialite Life]

Interesting: “When a Novelist Carries On What Another Novelist Started: Elizabeth Hand’s Haunting on the Hill is an authorized follow-up to a Shirley Jackson classic. But haunting someone else’s house comes with perils as well as perks.” [The New Yorker]

Do we need velvet trousers??!! These are cute…. [affiliate link to J.Crew]

This sounds like a great new album from Dolly Parton; I really love the included “Wrecking Ball” duet with Miley. [EW]

We had a VERY fun chat this week talking about what we were all weirdly obsessed with as kids. We also talked about great workout clothes, which was very inspirational for me. Speaking of inspiring: I rounded up a bunch of cute sweaters! (I find knitwear inspiring.)

Useful, at WaPo: The best apps for making your group trip easy (and fun). [gifted link]

I cannot believe I didn’t figure out this blind item immediately.  I’m losing my touch. (The commenters at FauxMoi nailed it, of course.) [Reddit]

At Lainey: Has Justin Timberlake bought himself a bunch of bots?!? 

I can’t improve on this headline, just as it is: A Deep-Fried Pho Sparks Scandal at the State Fair of Texas. [NYT, gifted link]

I’m LOVING these excerpts from Kim France’s memoir, over at her Substack.

Shopbop still has a HUGE sale going, if you’re feeling shoppy. (Or, I guess, boppy.) [affiliate link]

At The Ringer: “Trouble Sleeping? Meet the Legion of Fans Who Drift Off Every Night Watching Frasier.” I watched a lot of Frasier during the pandemic, and it WAS soothing.

I love a list AND I love cookbooks, so I enjoyed this list of the 23 best fall cookbooks at Bon Appetit.

This was a wild ride at Am I The Asshole: “AITA for getting our neighborhood dog Olympics canceled instead of bending the rules for a neighbor?

Eater brings us, and I quote, a round-up of “The 19 Most Funnest, Most Wildest, Most Unbelievably Extra Restaurants in America.” I want to visit them all!! That one in Denver looks like a hoot.

Lainey also brings us some Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce updates. I agree with her prediction there, FWIW.

At Drinks With Broads: On Tuesday, Heather took us to the Eras tour concert film and I took a look back at this past season of RHoNY. Thursday’s edition brought us a trip to Cher’s gelato truck — YES THIS IS REAL! — as well as five haunted French chateaux you might want to buy! (Also naughty appendixes and migraines and Britney and some other stuff.)

Related, at the NYT, is this round-up of great concert films. [gifted link]

(Photo by Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)