ICYMI on Thursday, Lupita here made a (somewhat dramatic) break-up announcement on her Instagram, so I hope coming out to this event cheered her up. (USA Today there goes on to note that “her announcement comes a day after she was seen attending a Janelle Monáe concert with actor Joshua Jackson amid his divorce from Jodie Turner-Smith,” but while I think Lupita and Pacey would be a very dreamy pairing, my understanding is that they’ve been friends a long time and were at the concert as part of a larger group. But they probably have a lot to talk about, given that they’re both going through a break-up.) She’s been sharing a lot of words of wisdom with the hashtag “heartbreak healing,” so it seems like she is GOING THROUGH IT and maybe would have prefered to be at home eating ice cream and listening to Olivia Rodrigo. At least she had other celebs to eyeball!

FWIW, the GO Campaign ” is a national nonprofit organization based in Santa Monica, California, United States, that raises awareness and funds to help orphans and vulnerable children in the USA and throughout the world.” That seems like a good cause; both Lupita and Robert Pattinson (also here, as you’ll see) have worked with them.

[Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]